Year 2

It has been a pretty long summer, considering that I even had summer classes for the past two months, and as far as i remember all I ever did I’ve been doing is slack in the house. So, this entry is, pretty much, just about how I spent summer at home (and at school).

Summer class started mid-April, and it was a 2-day per week meeting that consisted of 7-8 hours per day. It was really not much of a problem for me actually, it’s just the waking up early part that I can’t really get into the mood with. I don’t mind the school part, especially I’m with my friends most of the time, so “studying” didn’t bore me that much (or so I think). So anyway, classes are M/W, 7:30 am –  6:00 pm, and a 3 hour-long meeting per subject. In case you don’t know me, I’m an upcoming 3rd year college student taking up a business course under Marketing Management.. or maybe you don’t wanna know. jk! So yeah, this is what has been keeping me busy for the past 2 months and watching a bunch of American tv series. Despite that, some of my friends have come by, so summer is really not quite boring me out as it seems.

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It’s been a month since my first year in college ended, and everything is still fresh. College indeed is tough, everyone should know that (bat di ba ko nainform dati?), this is why regrets immediately poured down on me weeks after the class started. Regrets on why I took high-school for granted, like really!! Oo intense talagang panghihinayang! When the first week of class started, dealing with my daily schedule is surely a big adjustment to make, especially back in high school I was used to having a 3 minute ride from home to school, but now a 40 minute ride is the luckiest I could get. Also both of my schedules weren’t nearly the same. Lessons I wasn’t even sure I had knowledge of, and new faces of people to get used to, are what I had to deal with in my daily life as well. You might say, “ganun talaga pag simula, masasanay ka din” or maybe, “sa simula lang yan”, well of course I knew that, though it will always feel strange if you are in the actual scenario position.

I can’t say all, but clearly a lot of people in our class seemed to be doing so well in handling these stuffs, it’s like they are made for this, or they already had their college life prepared ahead of them. Though day by day, you will realize you aren’t alone in this, there are other people as well who feels the same way as you do (kase college!), people who will make you realize that a flunking score won’t make up your whole personality (*cough* college), and people who will make you feel that you will not do this alone, and those people are what we called friends.

these crazy people..


my crazy people..


are quite the reason..


why celebrating college week..


and why wearing uniform (even if it is unnecessary to do so)

20151110215831becomes more exciting than it should be.
Because now, I don’t weird myself out on being an outcast in a room full of crowded people.
And here’s more of that..

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It Was Never Just A Blur

It was sometime in July,
A not so sunny afternoon.
You are on your usual,
And probably a typical day for everyone as well.

Not for me though,
It was different for me that day,
I was told to watch outside.
I don’t know why.

They had me sat near the screen,
Which I did.
I silently watched you do your thing,
while you dub your way around.

Little by little,
I noticed myself smiling unconsciously.
And everyone as well agrees with me,
Cause they too smile happily.

As the camera Is so focused on you,
I too.
Then, unexpectedly,
The camera turned to me.

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Changing Theme

I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably thinking “is this even worth posting?”, “do this kind of things really need to be blogged?”. Well, first of all, this will be the first time I’ve made a blog post (besides my about page, that i have now finally made) after I remodeled a bit in my blogsite, so I’m taking the opportunity to see how it may come out.
I’ve actually been wanting to write this since the afternoon, because of remodeling, it took me almost 3-4 hours to finish, and I have to say, I think this is not yet even finished. From picking a new theme to settle with, up to changing background, fonts and to setting up widgets, I somehow finally made it look more pleasing (I think). I just hope that I won’t easily get used to seeing this, for I don’t want to go “changing theme” again so soon, either way, looking for new theme ain’t that bad, it’s like shopping for curtains, you will never get tired of choosing the best one that suits you.

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